Rumour Mill

Rumours about Nubia

1. The Nubian Kingdoms are said to be ruled by powerful sorcerer kings who live well beyond the natural life spans of humans.

2. Nubian society is built around a caste system. Slaves are the lowest caste, and the nubians are constantly buying and selling slaves. They procur many slaves from the hobgoblin slave traders of the Kezenki Empire to the east, but they also take slaves from the tribes people of the jungles in Burundi.

3. Nubians sorcerers have made many dark pacts with demons, and many slaves are sacrificed to demons in terrible religious rites.

4. All nubians nobles are spell casters.

5. All members of the priest caste are demon worshippers, and there are numerous shadow wars going on between the Nubia’s various demon cults.

6. Nubian slavers will pay a great deal of money for attractive paleskin virgins.

7. Nubians have little use of non humans or paleskins. The only non human residents in Nubia are slaves.

Rumours about Burundi

1. Burundi is a large tropical land home to many cultures. Most of these cultures are savage tribes of humans.

2. There are a few cities established along the coast of Burundi including Eleder and Bloodcove. These cities were established by Nerath a couple of hundred years ago, but since the fall of that empire they have been taken over by Nubia. The Nubians use Bloodcove and Eleder as staging points for expedtions to plunder the jungles of valuable resources, much as Nerath once did.

3. The jungles are home to many ruins that still contain vast hordes of treasure.

4. In addition to humans, savage tribes of lizardfolk and intelligent ape creatures also make the jungle their home.

5. The ape tribes in the jungles are said to be ruled over by a terrible demon worshipping gorilla king from a vast ape city in the heart of the jungle.

6. In addition to dangerous plants and beasts that infest the jungles, it is also a place filled with disease such as bootsoup disease.

7. The city of Saventh Yhi is thought to be the greastest of the ruined cities in the jungle. Unfortunately it is little more than a legend, as the way to the city is protected with magical wards. Saventh Yhi is thought to have been built long ago by the Azlanti people.

Rumours and goings on in and around Scarsport

1. For the past several months, the city has been plagued by extreme and rapidly shifting weather patterns- terrible storms, extremes of heat and cold. This weather has been coming down from the mountains to the east, and many folk believe that the Plains of Chaos is the source of the weather.

2. Doomsayers have been more active than usual in proclaiming that, “The Apocalypse is Nigh!!!”

3. Rumours from dwarves coming to the Scarsport from Karakast claim that orc tribes and other humanoids in the Cairn Hills have become more violent and warlike than ever. Some suggest that the weird weather has been stirring them into a frenzy. Fortunately, they seem more interested in killing each other than making incursions into human lands, though this could change at any time.

4. Slavers from the south have been raiding small coastal settlements and loading them into their yellow sailed ships, presumably to be taken to slave markets in the south, possibly as far away as the Nubian Kingdoms or the Serpent Empire. This has been going on for a long time, but this year has been particularly bad.

5. As if the slavers were not enough, several coastal settlements have also been plagued by raids from creatures from the depths. “Sea Devils” seem to the main culprits of these attacks, but merrow and scrags have also been reported among the raiders. A few villages have been completely decimated by these attackers, and it is nearly impossible to predict when the attacks will come.

6. Three major noble families have wielded great political power in Scarsport for decades. They are the Corinthis, the Polminos and the Vandergasts. These three families are in a perpetual state of feuding. Currently, the Corinthi family is the most powerful, and possibly the most notorious of the three; the Lord Mayor is a Corinthi. The feud between the Corinthi family and the Polmino family has recently escalated, and there have been frequent duels and skirmishes between the two families in the streets. Several have ended in bloodshed and deaths. The city guard has continued to uphold their longstanding tradition of not getting involved in disputes between the three families, despite the fact that the Lord Mayor is a Corinthi. However, as the violence has escalated, the public has started to be more vocal in their demands for the guard to intervene. This movement is very much led by the church of Rao, a religion that is popular among the lower class, but not highly regarded by the city’s nobility. Thus, far the guard has ignored public outcry, and many fear that open war might soon breakout in the streets between the two families. The Vandergasts have been staying out of it, though some say they have been trying to instigate the fighting between their enemies in hopes that they will destroy each other.

7. A couple of weeks ago, a terrible fire tore through The Ruins (the name for a lawless section of the city that is literal crumbling ruins). Fortunately, it did not spread into the city proper. The cause of the fire is unknown, though many suspect goblins, as several small bands of these critters make their home in The Ruins, and goblins are known for their love of burning things (particularly dogs, which they really hate).

NOTE: The PCs essentially dealt with this issue in the first two session of the campaign

8. The lumber barons in Falcon’s Hallow (in the Bloodarrow forest) are recruiting adventurers and mercenaries to defend their logging operations against various threats from the forest, including hostile bands of wood elves. Anyone seeking employment with the lumber barons can either make their way directly to Falcon’s Hallow or visit the Hall of the Lumber Consortium in Scarsport.

9. The Polmino family is hiring adventures to travel to the Cairn Hills to try to investigate a old mining operation that the family owns. The mine was abandoned some 15 years ago for unknown reasons, and the family now wishes to see it operational again.

NOTE The heroes have dealt with this quest. They discovered that the miners tunneled into a new series of caves, possibly the underdark, and that as a result the mines were inhabitted by some strange aberrant creatures.

10. The Corinthi Family is putting together an expedition to the waters in the south. They are seeking intrepid adventures to partake in the expedition. They are keeping the details of it a secret though, and rumours abound about what they are up to. Some claim they are planning on seeking out a lost city in the Screaming Jungles or former Bhal Turath, others claim they searching for a horde of pirate treasure or perhaps planning to sail into the uncharted waters of the far west.

NOTE: The heroes learned that the a privateer named Enzo Corinthi is looking for the treasure of a dead pirate known as the Nubian. The Nubian’s ship was destroyed by a Kraken. Enzo has since found the treasure, and along with it he discovered notes that might help lead to the discovery of the lost city of Saventh Yhi. He has since put together a new expedition to find this lost city, and the heroes are currently part of the expedition.

11. Rumour has it that the Lord Mayor’s home has many magical effects that are powered by a devil being held prisoner in a dungeon complex below the residence. The fiend was supposably bound long ago by wizards from Bhal Turath when that empire controlled Scarsport.

12. Dwarves from the Goldbeard clan are rumoured to have discovered a new cairn in the Cairn Hills and are looking for adventurers to help explore it.

Rumour Mill

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