Crag Tiger Cloak


Mechanics: +2 power bonus to speed, running and jumping checks.


Crag Tiger Pelt Cloak:

This cloak is made from the beautiful, russet coloured pelt of a crag tiger. Crag tiger’s are deadly, 650 lb feline predators that hunt in the Cairn Hills and have no fear of men. The Avar hillmen show them equal measures of terror and awe, and the crag tiger is the totem animal of one of their most prominent tribes. It is considered a tremendous feat among the hillmen to slay one of these beasts, particularly in single combat with only a melee weapon. Such is the sort of deed that can bring a young Avar warrior the renown that will allow him to become a thane or chief among his people. Torin son of Orwyn of the Tigerclaw clan was such a warrior, and it said that he killed this particular beast with only a spear. The spirit of the tiger is still strong in this cloak, granting the wearer a fragment of its prowess.

Crag Tiger Cloak

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