Alchemist's Fire

This sticky liquid is highly volatile and flammable. It comes stored in a ceramic container sealed with wax. When touched it is touched by flame or when it is subject to a concussive impact (such as a flask being thrown and breaking open) it bursts into f


Mechanics: One flask of alchemist’s fire covers a 2m radius when it is thrown. The character hurling the Alchemist’s Fire must make a #TN 9 Dexterity (throwing) test to cause the flask to land where he wishes (assuming reasonable range- within 20 yards, beyond this the #TN will be higher). If the Dragon Die on this test is a 1 the fire does not ignite, and will need fire to start it. Assuming ignition, it causes 2d6+5 damage to anyone in the radius. Targets can make a #TN 11 Dexterity (acrobatics) check to leap clear of the fire and take half damage or no damage if the dragon die is a 6. Anyone who takes full damage also will catch fire and suffer 1d6 (P) damage at the start of each of his turns. The character can use a major action to pat the fire out or “stop, drop and roll;” doing so ends the ongoing damage.


Alchemist's Fire

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