Human warrior from the frontier lands surrounding Scarsport.


Kaledar hails from a village in the frontier lands, where the land is harsh and climate unforgiving. Life on the the borders of civilization can be difficult, but they also have their benefits. Life here is simpler, where one’s worth is determined by their own merits, and not their birth name. Due to this fact Freeholders, as commonly referred to by the inner city dwellers, form a strong community where every member contributes equally to the benefit of all.

Every able bodied male trains in the arts of war, from a very young age, as threats from looters and rampaging hordes are every a present threat. Once they have reached a suitable age, every male is expected to help protect the village, and undergo the Arsh’lok(the path of the warrior.) A path which every male must walk before he can be viewed as a man in the community. Due to reasons he will not share, Kaledar has failed the Asrh’lok, and as such has been exiled from his village to walk the path alone, in unknown lands. Where he will either perish or learn the means to survive.

Saddened by this decision, yet accepting the will of the council, Kaledar has agreed to leave his home, and has set out into the world to test his worth, and hopefully one day return home as a proven warrior, fit to protect his people.


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