Bjorne Siggurdsson

A 1/2 skanzi human cleric of Njord, recently arrived in Scarsport from the fishing village where he grew up.


Bjorne is a child of two cultures, Skanzi and Wild Coast. To the local inhabitants he seems a Skanzi, but to the couple of Skanzi that he has met he seems a Wild Coaster. He is fluent in both Skanzi and the local dialect.

Physically he largely shows his Skanzi heritage and is tall. muscular, blond haired with a full beard. His complexion is somewhat darker than is the norm for Skanzi, however. As of yet he has no visible scars.

He is a fairly brash young man still trying to find his place in the world. Although he'd deny it he is somewhat overawed by the grandeur and strangeness that is Scarsport. He is quite uncertain as to what is acceptable behaviour and tends to follow the lead of his companions in that respect.

He is very loyal to the creed of Njord. Or, at least, what he thinks of as his creed. 

 And he has a strong Skanzi sense of honour. He is loyal to his companions and friends and expects the same of them. He will protect his people to the death. He is fearless in battle.

He is not at all a pretentious man. He enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Mead, Ale, Wenching, good company, bar brawls, etc.

Slow to anger he does not hold a grudge. The exception to that is if he is ever betrayed he will NOT forgive and will never again trust that person.

Within reason his word is his bond. 

He goes pretty much everywhere with his leather armour, shield, spear and javelins. He is NEVER without his holy symbol (a Torc of copper shaped in the form of a bare foot engraved with a ship and  several sea gulls flying overhead)


Bjorne is an 18 year old 1/2 Skanzi 1/2 Wild coast battle cleric of Njord.

His father Siggurd Ballinsson was a Skanzi cleric of Njord who was shipwrecked on the Wild Coast while he was on a trading mission (with, of course, a bit of raiding tossed in). Siggurd settled down in the reasonably large fishing village that had taken him and restored him to health. marrying a local beauty named Cirella and producing Bjorne (the eldest), Freyalla (his younger sister) and Rolf (his youngest brother).

Bjorne has spent most of his short life at 3 different, albeit connected, activities

  1. He has become initiated as a cleric of Njord, following in his fathers footsteps. His general religious education is, however, rather lacking
  2. He has become an excellent sailor and fisherman
  3. He has become a skilled warrior, participating in several skirmishes with the village militia. His martial prowess, combined with his magical abilities, form a mighty combination

A month or so ago his luck changed. When he pulled in his lobster pots he found, amongst the lobsters, a valuable golden ring shaped like two serpents swallowing themselves. Clearly this was a sign from Njord that it was time to seek his destiny.

He took leave of his family and came to Scarsport to join the Adventurers Guild. He found that the ring wasn't quite sufficient to cover all the costs but the Adventurers Guild admitted him anyways since his healing magics would be of great use to them

While nearly without funds he has managed to make a fair acquaintance of some of the bars and sights of Scarsport. On several occassions he has used his healing ability to get at least enough money to buy the necessities and some ale and beer.

Outside of the Adventurers Guild he has made only one close friend. Rosanna is a young girl (15) who is the only support of her crippled mother. She supports her mother by working at any job that she can find combined with a bit of opportune robbery when the occassion arises. Rosanna and Bjorne met when she was fleeing from a merchant whose pocket she had picked.

Bjorne looks upon her as a younger sister and NOT as a love interest. Or, at least, that is what he consciously thinks.

Bjorne Siggurdsson

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