• Bjorne Siggurdsson

    Bjorne Siggurdsson

    A 1/2 skanzi human cleric of Njord, recently arrived in Scarsport from the fishing village where he grew up.
  • Flower


    A half elven ranger, whose parents presumably had a cruel sense of humour when giving him his name.
  • Gimlet Chomsky

    Gimlet Chomsky

    Curious, alcoholic gnome sorcerer with a penchant for lightning magic.
  • Kaledar


    Human warrior from the frontier lands surrounding Scarsport.
  • Khyla Corinthi

    Khyla Corinthi

    Guild master of the Adventure's Guild
  • Matteo


    A human rogue and imbiber of cheap wine, who has recently returned to Scarsport from Nerath.
  • Nenthas


    A wood elf exiled from his clan in the Blood Arrow Forest due to his sorcerous powers.
  • Yog


    Dwarf wizard