Wild Coast

Session #7 (The journey south and the death of a captain)

There is a new party line up as Matteo stays in Scarsport, Flower is joined by Keldar (human, warrior), Gimlet (gnome, sorcerer), and Yog (dwarf, wizard). They set out on an expedition aboard the Sea Wyvern in search of Saventh-Yhi in the jungles of Burundi. The expedition is led by Enzo Corinthi. Khyla Corinthi the guild mistress also joins the expedition.

At sea the caravel is caught in a storm and drifts off course near the Pirate Isles. Not long after the Sea Wyvern spots a pair of ships that sail out from behind an island point and begin pursuing them. Based on their flags, they are pirates and members of the brotherhood of the Scarlet Corsairs. Enzo, not wanting to take on two pirate ships, decides to try to navigate the Sea Wyvern through a dangerous reef in an attempt to loose the pirates. It works; the corsairs don’t pursue the sea wyvern but drop anchor and watch. The Sea Wyvern gets hung up on the reef and its hull is damaged. Flower and Keldar, along with several sailors leap off the side of the ship to work on hacking away at the coral with picks. While trying to free the ship they are attacked by aquatic ghouls (there are several wrecks nearby, probably infested with the creatures). Yog helps by casting a flaming weapons spell on their picks, and Gimlet hurls spells at the undead from up on the side of the ship. Keldar and Flower fight well with their flaming picks. They destroy several ghouls and drive the rest off. Keldar suffers the most injuries and is temporarily paralyzed by the nasty critters- falling into the water and starting to drown.

After defeating the ghouls they manage to free the ship from the coral and quickly patch the hull, as it starts to take on water. They sail on to the Valtonian city of Carvosa without further incident.

In Carvosa, Enzo requests that they escort him and his treasure to an inn called the Captain’s Rest. He puts them up in the fine establishment as payment. Khyla, Challa and Yazeed the loremaster also accompany them. The heroes are forced to share a room and that night they are awakened by a terrible screaming sound.

They find that Captain Enzo is dead, killed by a hulking ape demon that is still lurking in his room. The heroes engage the ape demon and manage to kill the creature, though Flower sustains some terrible wounds from the beast.

In the aftermath of Enzo’s death, they take control of the pirate treasure he recovered from the Nubian’s horde, and investigate what happened. It becomes clear that Enzo had likely unleashed the demon by tampering with a strange gold idol that was part of the treasure horde. In Enzo’s sea chest they also find a skull of a serpent’s head that is about the same size as a man’s. It is etched with runes written in the deep speech, and it is clearly magical. The heroes deduce that the alien script seems to be the directions for some sort of ritual spell, but they can’t figure out what the ritual does.

They realize that with the death of the Captain, first mate Diego will likely have little interest in continuing the expedition. In order to ensure this happens, they managed to get Unger on their side by offering a higher rate of pay to him and the crew. Kalder and Unger have a wrestling match to work this out, but Unger wins and the PCs are forced to pay more than they might have liked.

They spend a little more time in Cardova selling off some cargo, but eventually they set back out for Barundi.



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