Wild Coast

Important Expedition Details

The Basics:

• A dread pirate known as “The Nubian” was exploring a mysterious island off the coast of Burundi. There he discovered an ancient Azlanti temple. In that temple he found clues that he believed could help him find the famous lost Azlanti City of Saventh Yhi somewhere in the jungles of the Burundi mainland. He recorded his findings in series of notes.
- You don’t know why the Nubian was exploring the island
- You don’t really know anything about the nature of this temple (you have since learned that it belonged to a cult of demon worshippers dedicated to Zura, the demonlord of vampires.
- You don’t know the details of the notes the Nubian made, but apparently one copy is in Yazeed’s possession and the original copy is in the Captain’s chest
- You have a map of the island that was made by the Nubian. There is an x on it that may well mark the location of the temple, which you have confirmed.

• The Nubian took his notes along with other treasures and hid them in a series of Sea Caves in the pirate isles where he apparently liked to keep his loot.

• Captain Enzo was working as a privateer and was trying to hunt down the Nubian. He found the wreckage of the Nubian’s ship in the Sunset Sea. There were only a couple of survivors clinging to the wreckage of the ship. They claimed the ship was attacked by a kraken. Captain Enzo spared one of the pirates in exchange for leading him to the Nubian’s treasure.

• Enzo recruited members of the adventure’s guild to help recover the Nubian’s treasure. Flower and some of his earlier associates were offered this job, but turned it down. Consequently, other guild members were hired. Enzo managed to recover the Nubian’s treasure from the Sea Caves, but it was a harrowing task, and several of the adventurers were killed. A halfling named Gavin survived but hasn’t been seen since he was drinking with Enzo’s chaplain after the expedition returned to Scarsport. The chaplain was found dead in an alley with his throat torn out. Enzo’s superstitious crew attribute the chaplain’s death to the “curse of the Nubian.”

• Enzo wasn’t able to fully decipher the Nubian’s notes, but he did see Saventh Yhi mentioned in them and he recognized the name of the famous lost Azlanti city of distant Burundi- a city said to be full of riches. He paid a visit to the Lorekeepers Hall in Scarsport and the Adventures Guildhall to try to learn more about Saventh Yhi. While Enzo was conducting his research, the foreigner named Yazeed caught wind of his inquires and offered his services to him. He helped Enzo decipher the Nubian’s notes, and the notes seemed to offer a means of finding Saventh Yhi.
- So far you haven’t really confirmed any of this. Everything you know is really based on what Enzo and Yazeed have told you.

• Enzo then set about organizing an expedition to Burundi to seek out this Lost City.



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