Wild Coast

Expedition Overview

Lord Enzo Corinithi a noted noble and privateer has decided to head up an expedition to the Screaming Jungles of Barundi. There he hopes to discover the location of the lost mythical city of Saventh-Yhi.

The jungles of Barundi are rife with crumbling ruins- the ziggurats of Kembe, the fallen flying city of Kho, and poor, doomed Holy Xatramba. But none of these ancient relics have inspired the imaginations of adventurers and scholars more than Saventh-Yhi, the legendary lost city of the Azlanti and the only outpost of that vanished race so far south in Barundi’s interior. Saventh Yhi’s discovery would be the crowning achievement of any explorer’s career, and the gods know enough have tried it and failed. The fetid jungles of Barundi hold many secrets, but perhaps none so coveted as the location of Saventh-Yhi, which is believed to be concealed by ancient Azlanti ritual magic.

Recently Enzo located the treasure of a dead pirate known as the Nubian. The treasure was hidden in a Sea Cave in the Pirate Isles. Among the gold, silver and other valuables he acquired, it is believed that he found a series of notes describing a means of finding the Saventh-Yhi.

Enzo has not gone shared the details of these notes with the expedition, but he is set on heading to Barundi’s largest port- the city of Eleder. Eleder was said to have been established long ago by colonialists from Bhal Turath, since the fall of that empire, it has come under the control of the Nubians. However, Eleder is said to remain friendly and open to merchants, and Enzo believes it is the best place to launch the expedition from.

Ancient Azlant: According to legend, Azlant is an ancient civilization that existed before the time of even Arkhosia and Bhal Turath. There is much scholarly debate about what caused the fall of this mythic empire. Some say it was due to their war with the Serpentfolk Empire. Others say their haughty priests angered the gods, and some believe that their mighty wizards tampered with magics too powerful for them to control. Whatever the cause, the mighty Azlanti civilization did fall, and even today Azlanti ruins can still be found throughout the central known world. Man scholars believe that the Nubians and their sorcerer kings are the descendants of Azlant.

The Azlanti are not known to have built many settlements in Barundi. In fact, Saventh-Yhi is the only one of real note, and the reason for its construction remains a mystery. During the time of the Azlanti, Barundi is thought to have been under the control of the Serpent Empire. It is widely agreed upon that Azlant was at war with the Serpent Empire, and that they might have invaded Barundi to crush the hold of the Serpentfolk on that land. Today the Serpent Empire still exists, and it is still greatly feared. However, its existence is on a much smaller scale than it once was, and it only remains in lands well to the east of Barundi.



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