The Wild Coast

The Wild Coast sits on the western coast of the former Empire of Nerath. It is a motley collection of independent coastal city states and petty principalities with a variety of different types of government that change on a regular basis. Outside the walled cities are many smaller settlements that help sustain the cities and rely on them for protection. These lands quickly become wild and dangerous. Of course, this is the case even inside the city walls, so nowhere is really safe along the Wild Coast.

Premise: Characters are all members of an adventurers guild known as, The Renowned Guild of Adventurers and Explorers. Usually it is merely referred to as “The Adventurers’ Guild”. The Guild is based in the free city of Scarsport.

Inspiration This campaign is essentially a homebrew world inspired by the implied 4E setting, which I used for my last campaign. However, for this campaign I’ve decided to try using the Dragon Age system. In addition to a bunch of 4E fluff, this setting is borrowing a bunch of material from Pathfinder and Greyhawk. The setting pretty munch a mix of all my favourite D&D material, as well as some of my own ideas.

Wild Coast

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